Fitting out corporate offices with high-end yet invisible audio visual equipment and office automation

The interior design team working on behalf of a major UK-based PLC required a comprehensive audio visual (AV) and office automation fit-out of its London offices, but with totally clean lines. The interior designers specified that there could be no visible ‘builders’ jewellery’, such as cabling and wiring, speakers and video screens. The specification also included automated control of lighting, shades, blinds and privacy glass in private offices and meeting rooms.

Our solution for the audio element was to specify invisible speakers. These are ‘in plaster’ speakers, cut into the dry lining wall or ceiling and skimmed over with plaster. Instead of working through air movement, the speakers utilise resonance, using the ceiling or wall surface to produce the resonance that generates high quality audio. The multi-zone speaker configuration in each room and in connecting spaces enabled ambient music in public areas and specific music or sound from TV or video conferences in offices and meeting rooms.

The solutions for hiding video screens were to embed devices in furniture, walls or ceilings, or to disguise them as works of art, which the client also specified. When a presentation is performed, the client hits a touch panel that triggers a pre-programmed sequence. The lights would be dimmed to a preset level, the privacy glass would go opaque and the display screen would be revealed as the picture separates. The same command will trigger the speakers to operate when the presentation is played. The client was delighted with the solution, but the major benefit was the positive impact on our client’s clients.

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