Delivering compliant cabling and three-tier containment design in restricted spaces

In one of the largest projects of its type in the UK, we were commissioned to design and install the racks, cabling and containment throughout the 171 rack National Transmission Centre in Liverpool. With the four walls, ceiling and false floor already in situ, the challenge was even greater. Within this space, we needed to accommodate signal, data and power, in addition to fibre. 

Our solution to the limited floor void space was to provide a three-tier containment route with power at the bottom, signal in the middle, data on the top and a dedicated fibre system above the racks. With a potential 1,000 km of cabling to be installed, and correct segregation distances to adhere to, size and layout was paramount. 

The solution was a complete success, the cabling systems were installed exactly to specification and the site came on-line on schedule and within budget. It remains a central point for our client’s business. 

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